A work offer suggests upcoming Horizon games: Zero Dawn, but with external studies

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The world of Horizon: Zero Dawn conquered a good part of the community by 2017, and expectations for their second installment do not stop growing. Now, after knowing new details about new weapons and Horizon skills: Forbidden West, it seems that guerrilla does not want to wait for the launch to move forward with his universe. Since, as a developer s job offer, you may want to continue the saga with new external studies games.

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You will be part of a group specialized in monitoring external gaming projects. In it, Guerrilla explains that he looks for an associate producer who helps expand the universe of Horizon in new and exciting addresses. In this role, you will be part of a specialized group to supervise projects of Games produced from External way. Features that lead to think that Horizon s franchise will continue alive, but with external studies.

Therefore, and with the indisputable success of Aloy and the adventures of him, there is a possibility that guerrilla wants to deepen more in his world with totally novel games, as long as they can supervise these projects. However, this information will be confirmed with advertisements from the developer, since the job offer only suggests the new Horizon path and, therefore, nothing can be affirmed until Guerrilla decides to reveal it from official way.

Until then, we can continue waiting for the arrival of the next Horizon: Forbidden West, who is preparing to your community with graphic data on Aloy and details about water, one of the most commented aspects of your trailer. The title will reach PS4 and PS5 with free generation update on February 18, 2022, so we will soon have an opportunity to see Aloy s new adventure.