Activision Buy Digital Legends, which will develop a Call of Duty for mobile

Activision has bought the Barcelona Study Digital Legends to give support in the development of a new mobile game set in the Universe of Call of Duty.

The veteran team, responsible for mobile games such as The Respawnables, has been working with Activision all this year, according to the official statement, developing this call of duty not yet announcing along with other conglomerate studies. In this case Beenox and Activision Shanghai those who are involved in the project; Also Solid State, a new internal activision team that we did not know about now.

Xavier Carrillo, one of the founders of Digital Legends, says in the statement that the study is very excited by the acquisition, which will allow his team with years of experience in high quality mobile games work in one of one of The biggest franchises in the world ».

Digital Legends was one of the studies that were formed after the closure of Rebel Act Studios. Although for a few years they combined the development for PC and mobile, they soon specialized in smartphones : it was one of the first studies that bet strongly for the games for iPhone and Android.


Your best-known games are precisely Shooters for mobile. On the one hand it is afterpulse, which already has something of Call of Duty, and on the other the applauded The respawables, more Cartoon. Interestingly, Digital Legends worked on his day with Electronic Arts in two Battlefield deliveries for mobile: a version of Bad Company 2 and another, worse received, from Battlefield 3.

It is not the only acquisition of Activision Blizzard in 2021: At the beginning of the year we learned that Vicarus Visions, who signed the celebrated Tony Hawk s Pro Skater 1 + 2, became part of the company s internal studies. On this purchase, this week was spoken about the possible change of name of the study, which could lose its current denomination to reinforce its integration in the conglomerate.