Apple madness: New MacBook Pro even overtakes the PlayStation 5

Apple, Inc. is an American company that designs and produces electronic equipment, software and online services. It has its headquarters in the Apple Park, in Cupertino (California, United States) and European Headquarters in the city of Cork (Ireland). [3] Its hardware products include iPhone smart phone, iPad tablet, computer Personnel Mac, the iPod portable media player, the Apple Watch smart watch and the Apple TV digital media player. Among the APPLE software are the operating systems IOS, iPadas, Macos, Watchos and Tvos, the iTunes multimedia content browser, the IWork Suite, Final Cut Pro X (a professional video editing suite), Logic Pro (Software for audio editing on audio tracks), XSAN (software for the exchange of data between servers) and the Safari web browser. The company operated, in May 2014, more than 408 own stores in nine countries, [4] thousands of distributors (highlighting the Prémium Distributors or Apple Premium Resellers) and an online store (available in several countries) where their Products and technical assistance is provided. According to Fortune magazine, Apple was the most striking company in the world between 2008 and 2012. [5] In 2015, it became the most valuable company in the world according to the Brandz index by reaching 247 billion euros of Value. [6] On August 3, 2018, according to The Wall Street Journal, the company became the first company to achieve a market capitalization of 1 trillion (thousand billion) of dollars. Currently its value is estimated at about 2.22 billion dollars. [7]

Together with the MacBook Pro 2021, Apple also presented new processors. At the M1 Max, the Group has again surpassed itself - and the competition placed in the shadows. In graphics performance, even the PlayStation 5 can pack.

Apple: New processor overtakes PlayStation 5

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With his console PlayStation 5, Sony does not constitute direct competition for Apple s MacBooks, but the currently presented processor M1 Max is likely to worry about anxiety sweat in Japan. According to the first benchmark, Apple s processor has not only obtained the PS5 in the graphics performance, but even overtaken . The graphics card NVIDIA RTX 2080 also comes in direct comparison bad way than Apple s new super processor.

The graphic unit of the M1 MAX, which is used in several variants of the new MacBook PRO 2021, offers a power of up to 10.4 Teraflops if 32 cores use (Source: NotebookCheck). At SonyS PlayStation 5, 10.28 Teraflops are minimal less. The graphics card NVIDIA RTX 2080 comes to 10.07 Teraflops. In addition, Apple s processor is satisfied with significantly less electricity.

The results look a difference if the M1 max is viewed with 24 cores . Here are the top marks under those of Nvidia and Sony. This also applies to the likewise new processor M1 Pro, which can be used either instead of a M1 max.

More about Apple s new processors there are in Video :

Apple M1 Max also with smaller MacBook Pro

Apple also provides the M1 Max with the 14-inch model of the new MacBook Pro. The imposing performance can be paid to the Group well. At the start of the M1 Max in the MacBook Pro with 14 inches at least 3,209 euros must be placed on the table (see Apple). Who wants a bigger SSD, even pays even more. At the 14-inch variant with M1 max, at least 3,439 euros.