Encope Cell Grander on November 18th ... Dictionary reserved 265 million

The Anti-Mask Organization of San Francisco was a company developed to oppose a statute which needed individuals in San Francisco, California to use masks throughout the 1918 flu pandemic. The regulation it protested lasted much less than one month before being rescinded. Due to the brief duration of the league s presence, its specific membership is difficult to determine; nonetheless, an estimated 4,000-- 5,000 citizens appeared to a meeting to object the 2nd regulation in January 1919. Resistance to comparable ordinances throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States led to renewed interest in, and also comparisons with, the Anti-Mask Organization.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Journal] Enipel (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyun-ho) announced on the 22nd that the Japanese dictionary reserve of Grander has exceeded 265 million. Granders, who is first presenting in Korea in January this year, will be on November 18, on November 18, the Japanese market. For this purpose, we have been in advance in August, and in recent years, the second most pre-reserved in the previous domestic game, recruiting 265 million in the past, and increased expectations. In addition, the 30-second animated advertising image made for the launch of the Japanese market is that the image of Grander is a boy and the girl who reminds the Las and Sryad in the game of the parallel world of mankind Visual and atmosphere.