Ilthoxy, Soul Watch: The 6th Knights

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL AND INTRODUCTION ARTOCH (Representative Front, Lee Ho-hyung) announced that the mobile game Soul Watcher: The 6th Knights is a popularity rising in the new server open.

Soul Watch: Google Play Popularity in the 6th Knights Popularity was out of 100 in early October, but it has been in the top 35th in October, but has been maintained for the current 30th in the past 35th.

Facebook is changing their dirty name

The company s side is the Soley Cerget: The 6th Knights s new server is opened on the 11th and is working on various events for users. In the official café, we carry out a coupon public event, which will present a commodity such as a pay-per-charge diago, such as a pay-per-charge of diamond in accordance with a predetermined time every week, Align the hero event is also proceeding.

I want to be a longevity mobile collection RPG that will continue to be loved by a good billing policy with a good billing policy that thinks a user first, he said, he said.