Jinx, League of Legends, is also aimed at Fortnite

Unreal Event is a first-person sector shooter video clip game established by Epic Games and also Digital Extremes. The second installment in the Unreal collection, it was initial released by GT Interactive in 1999 for Microsoft Windows, as well as later on launched on the PlayStation 2 and also Dreamcast by Infogrames in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Gamers compete in a series of suits of numerous types, with the basic goal of out-killing opponents. The PC variation supports multiplayer online or over a lan. Free expansion packs were launched, several of which were bundled with a 2000 re-release: Unreal Competition: Video Game of the Year Edition. Powered by the Unreal Engine, Unreal Event got universal recognition, usually being taken into consideration among the very best video games ever before made, with customers applauding the graphics, level style, and gameplay, though the console ports were noted for having constraints. The design of the video game moved the series emphasis to affordable multiplayer action with the releases of sequels Unreal Event 2003 in 2002, Unreal Competition 2004 in 2004, as well as Unreal Tournament 3 in 2007.

Fortnite x League of Legends LEAK! (Jinx Showcase)

The Crossovers in Fortnite do not stop surprising us. So far, there have been collaborations in the form of events or Skins almost always with American films or series, superheroes by Marvel or DC or even Author Commercial films such as Dune.

But perhaps looking to attract a much greater audience, Epic Games is extending its borders with collaborations of more international properties.

We know that Naruto, one of the most popular animes, is on the way to Fortnite... and this week was launched Skin of El Chapulín Colorado, Mexican comedy of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito, whom you may also know about the Chavo del Eight.

Fortnite x League of LegendsNext Week, Jinx from League of Legends Will Join The Island, in Celebration of Riot Games New Show Arcane. pic.twitter.com/obzfwbyjxm.

  • Shiina ???? (@Shiinabre) October 30, 2021

The next Fortnite Crossover will be with another of the most popular free to play games in the world: League of Legends.

Will be jinx the champion that is one at Battle Royale of Epic Games as Skin, and we know that it will come next week, because it is part of the celebration of the premiere of arcane, the animation series of League of Legends who opens on November 7 at Netflix.

Fortnite has also had collaborations with other video games before, without going any further, Resident Evil this same Halloween or several Street Fighter, but perhaps this is the most significant of all, because both are, albeit in different genres, free to play leaders Play.

It is also a sign of the aperture of Riot Games and its expansion plans of the League of Legends franchise beyond the Moba, with the aforementioned Netflix series, the card game Legends of Runaterra, El Moba Chiquito for Mobiles Wild Rift and a developing MMO based on your developing universe.