LOL: Team Aze says goodbye to his coach star face to the 2022

On the afternoon of October 20, Team Aze announced the first official changes in its League of Legends division. The Mexican organization amounted to the Latin America League after a perfect split, which reached 40 wins at the thread. It was profeed as one of the regional promises, but everything seems to indicate that the scan of 2022 will be a little different from the one we saw this year.

Through a publication in social networks, the output of Mark Ukkyr Leuemberger , header coach of the squadron was confirmed. The 31-year-old Argentine arrived at the end of 2020, after spending almost two years with Pixel Esports Club . Previous to it he was in charge of Hafnet Esports at the South Latin American Cup.

It s time to say goodbye to who paved our ascent to the lla with an unbeaten split that we will not forget, Team Aze wrote. Good luck in your next challenges, Mark! A true as in our history, forever, continued. Together with Carlos Fallen Calderón , they built a titanic squad that took the closure of the Telcel 2021 Honor Division.

As regards Ukkyr, he promised news with a farewell. It was an impressive year with all the boys and I take incredible memories. Thank you all by bank the project and I hope you banquen in the next, he wrote. Said project, according to reports from Lucas Benaim, Argentine journalist, would be isurus .

Ukkyr is not alien to the shark, in fact, he began his professional career as a coach. Together with Isurus, he raised two LCS glasses and won the distinctive of one of the best in Latin America.

Recently, Isurus dismissed Rodrigo Yeti of the castle , his head coach. Benaim advanced that we possibly see it by directing Team Aze in 2022, but there is still no confirmation by the Mexican Group. Recall that the spring and transfers season will open in November of this year.