Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy: three levels of difficulty and other features confirmed

In the coming week Square Enix and the responsible developers of Eidos Montreal publish the action title Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy for the consoles and the PC.

Shortly before the release, the official more details called your next project and went to the adaptation options from Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy . On the one hand, it was pointed out that simple , recommended and difficult are a total of three different levels of difficulty with the lot. In addition, the players receive the possibility to customize different parameters of the gameplay mechanics individually.

A singing player experience without microtransactions

Among them the duration of the guard mode, the cooldown of the capabilities of each guideline, the automatic selection of the correct option in a dialog and more. The accessibility settings also enable automatic orientation to the next destination or option that ensures that the regularly pending Quick-Time events are automatically completed successfully. Further details on the adaptation options are waiting for you on the official website .

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Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy will be released next Tuesday, October 26, 2021 for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. On the same day, an implementation for Nintendos Switch, which will only be playable in the form of a cloud version.

From the official side, Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy is described as a classic single-player experience, which deliberately renounces DLCs and microtransactions.

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