[Omirai] What kind of thing when the game character becomes a clock examination result announcement!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning Game SPARK Daikai, the fifth 88th Review Announcement. This subject was What happens when the game character became a clock , but thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.

Spa-kun s friend


Let s convey time.

Now 3 o clock ... No, was it 1:40 ...?

Well now.

For me, it is yesterday s time, but maybe it is a time tomorrow.

Ershadai Watch without all time

Spa-kun s friend

Time stops during conversation

I ll get rid of it

Spa-kun s friend

If you stop the alarm just, say Beautiful ...

The sound of the alarm is small Stimberly ... stimberly ...

Spa-kun s friend

When it comes to time to leave every morning, it is questioned every time Is it all right with such equipment?

All right, no problem (not all right)

Spa-kun s friend

But though How can I fly out

I want this to actually make this because it is interesting.

Spa-kun s friend

The time is progressing only when you move

Number of humanity

Superhot < Y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y ^ y

It seems to be useful as a clock that records activity time

Spa-kun s friend

The day of the week is fire, water, soil, wind, light, darkness, nothing digital clock

It is soft because it is the original day of the week and the day

Spa-kun s friend

23:58 40 seconds (Today s remaining time 100 seconds) BGM will be faster

The day of falling is I have nothing to do today

New Flying Upgrade Shop ???????? in Bedwars !! (Blockman GO)

Spa-kun s friend

Operation The number of times of noise of the pigeons has been reduced (3 times → 2 times) Hardness after ringing increased. (6F → 12F) Naive regularly

What a fight

Spa-kun s friend


Is it just a broken watch or

Spa-kun s friend

By upgrading the equipment, the time will be precisely understood I only know the season with the initial equipment

A guy who will be after upgrade

Spa-kun s friend

No more durable characters do not stop the alarm even if you hit any

Armor holding or troublesome

Spa-kun s friend

Achira watches 10 years

But I can not use normally

Spa-kun s friend

What time?

Luigi !!

Campluda jare!

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