Roberto Firmino becomes a brand ambassador next UFL

A lot is not yet known about the potential competitors for FIFA and Efootball, who has been developed for five years. Since the announcement of the game during Gamescom 2021, developer Strikerz Inc. has not shown a gameplay yet. More and more partnerships are presented with well-known footballers.

With Oleksandr Zinchenko, a Premier League star has already gone the step towards new football simulation, now the next follows. Roberto Firmino from FC Liverpool will act as a brand ambassador of UFL and Strikerz Inc.

Firmino owns the UFL DNA

Eugene Nashilov, Managing Director of Strikerz Inc., was enthusiastic about the partnership with Firmino in the press release. His lively and energetic personality, on and besides the square, fits perfectly with the DNA we install in UFL .

As part of this announcement, Firmino expressed its anticipation for UFL: I am a big fan of football simulations and I m very happy to play the game with my friends .

With the outside player of Manchester City and the Liverpool scorer, two of the over 5,000 licensed footballers are now fixed in UFL. Publisher Strikerz Inc. announced already planned partnerships with other world-class players who will work with UFL .

The young game company also revealed how firmino will look in the game. Thus, for the first time, a closer look at the graphic of the game was made possible.

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