Shadow Warrior 3: Release postponed and new trailer

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The Publisher Devolver Digital and the developer Flying Wild Hog have shifted the publication of Shadow Warrior 3 from the originally planned time window 2021 to 2022. Suitable for that you see a trailer below these lines.

Accurate appointment still open

When exactly Shadow Warrior 3 will come to the market in the coming year, the developers and the publisher did not betray. However, both companies speak of a light delay .

The fallen companyshogun Lo Wang and his former employer, who became an orchi zilla to the archenemia and Handleanger of Orochi Zilla, go to a mission in the new adventure to recapture an ancient dragon, which they involuntarily exempt from his eternal prison. Armed with a mix of blades and balls, Lo Wang has to cross unknown parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push back the apocalypse.

All he needs for this is the mask of a dead of God, a dragon egg, a touch of magic and enough firepower to stop the threatening catastrophe.

Wall Running and Environmental Kills

The sequel plays according to Shadow Warrior 2 and leaves the randomly generated sections in favor of handcrafted environments. In addition, methods for locomotion, including wall scout and enterhook, are added together with surrounding kills. And while enemies can be execute, it is possible to get Gore Weapons from their remains.

Shadow Warrior 3 should appear in the course of the coming year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC in the trade. How has been known for some time , the title is also running on the downward compatibility of the PS5 on Sony s New Gene Console and, among other things, benefit from the SSD of the new platform. Added a higher resolution and a higher refresh rate.

Other messages on Shadow Warrior 3:

The hellish opponents show up in the latest trailer Selected weapons and killer upgrades presented in the trailer

Wild Hog has not yet confirmed any publications for Xbox Series X / S and PS5, but is certainly interested in a publication for further platforms. Below the trailer for displacement:

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Other messages on Shadow Warrior 3.