Sudden Attack, Special Forces Rifle HK416 Upgrade Version

Nexon carried out a HK416 upgrade version of the 2021 season to the online FPS game Sudden Attack on the 14th,

New Machines M249 , New Machine TG404 , released through the second weapon reorganization of April and July 1, and the second weapon reorganization We continue to reorganize the car weapon.

HK416 is characterized by high reliability with assault rifle used in various special troops. The HK416 v2 added to this time is redesigned with a year-end assault rifle that applies more adulterated modeling and sound, and is a year-in-law to function through excellent balance.

In addition, inorganic reorganization is performed to adjust the balance. First, the damage of M4A1 , UAR V2 , and MP7 , the Damage, the rebound, and scar v2 and Combat Bow are applied, respectively. T.contender is the increase in preliminary transcendency and the rising speed of the recharge rate, and Famas applies a rebound downward.