The most outstanding moments of games between houses, the private tribute of Ibai to the Game of Squid

IBAI does not stop repeating success after success. After joining the LVP next to Piqué and after the huge turmoil that caused the global world, yesterday his new event was held: Games between houses .

Horseback between Oda to nostalgia and tribute to the squid game , games between houses gathered a series of streamers in funny children s games, such as the handkerchief or the prisoner ball.

Celebrated yesterday at 8:00 p.m. and retransmitted with great audience success on Twitch, games between houses left us some iconic moments that have become viral in social networks.

Here you can consult all the members of each of the four houses, and finally was the Ibai team that rose with victory . The popular Streamer celebrated it over high on Twitter.

I recognize it, I m a pussy.

  • IBAI (@ibamillanos) October 21, 2021

As we saw in the global global, this new event has had everything: Victoria agón, defeats, injuries, laughter and fun everywhere . There is no doubt that a new entertainment canal has been born.

Maybe the injury of the Streamer Ampeter was the highlight. In the first test of him in front of Abby, the Streamer could not take the handkerchief and hit the wall, damaging his shoulder.

Player 007, Eliminated

  • Ampeter (@ ampeterby7) October 21, 2021

Both IBAI and Ampeter himself have joked about this injury in social networks. Of course, the reference to the squid game did not miss, claiming that player 007 has been eliminated .

Nor does it have a waste.

The emotional vein put it the Streamer Tresco , who could not help but feel excited to relive these childhood games . We have all enjoyed at recreation or physical education with the prisoner, for example.

In the end, everything was at home. The team of IBAI got the victory in the first edition of games between houses , an event that repeated the worldwide success of balloons ... and to know what the next idea of ​​the Basque Streamer will be.

Source: IBAI.