Weird West: Release postponed on January

Sheriff Wolfeye Studios and his smart deputy Devolver Digital have announced that Weird West, its upcoming Action-RPG experience, which plays in a surreal vision of the Western Genre will appear on January 11 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

At the same time with this announcement, the Cowboys also activated the pre-orders on Steam and published the first part of a new video series.

Raf Colantonio, the Creative Director of Wolfeye Studios, gives it an overview of the game. This is the first from a series of videos that give a deeper insight into the whimsical west.

Pre-orderers and pre-orderers receive a horse called Calamity, an extremely reliable animal, which gives them a lead at the beginning of their adventure by doubling the size of the inventory.

Weird West Release Date Announcement Trailer In addition, it allows the faster escape from places, even if you are already hunted by enemies - and you can travel faster to simplify temporally limited goals. Calamity s saddlebags are also filled with important objects, including dietary, dressing tools, tools and a golden PIK ass upgrade token.