A console reseller is arrested in Japan: it had been done with a load of PS5 and Switch

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The problems of shortage of chips are causing a console becoming a challenge, these have become a very precious object that has already served as bait to scammers and criminals. But on this occasion, our protagonist has gone to the big time, making it a full load of two hundred consoles between PS5 and Nintendo Switch, accompanied by games, ready to be delivered.

He sold more than half of the load on a day has occurred at Tokyo, where a 50-year-old man had managed to have access to the burden of a messaging company through a known. The consoles were prepared for the distribution of him and the suspect that, as he has shared Kodak after the news of TV Ash, he would have confessed the charges after being arrested, when he had managed to sell more than half Of the consoles.

PS5 VS Nintendo Switch: Which should you buy? The suspect was spent the money in bets Sales would have been produced in a single day and in the Akihabara area, neighborhood known for the large number of shopping and selling video games. Japanese media have reported the precarious situation of man, unemployed and asphyxiated by debts, was staying to sleep in private cabins of the cybercafés.

The suspect also confessed to having lost almost everything the money earned with the sale of the consoles betting on horse racing. Meanwhile, Japan has not stopped taking action against the growing speculation in the resale of PS5, where they have even reached the boxes of the consoles to avoid this practice.