Battlefield 2042: Day-One

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooting computer game developed by Dice and also edited by Electronic Arts. The title belongs to the Battlefield series. The game is set up for November 19, 2021, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and also Xbox Collection.

Today the latest Battlefield offshoot has been officially appeared. Previously, many players have complained about the bumpy early access phase. The first patch fixes a few problems — but not all. More patches should follow.

Update from 19.11.2021 – 12:18 clock

Day-one patch appears stage wise

The update 0.2.1 has appeared yesterday and should fix some difficulties, including the so-called Rubber banding, short bucklers or lags that change your position arbitrarily. In the Reddit video of the user DC JAB1 from the original message you can see how frustrated rubber banding can be. All patch notes can be found on the official site of the game. (Source: Battlefield 2042)

As it turns out, it is in yesterdays patch around the Day-One patch — or part of it. This includes only the fixes of the problems that DICE and EA were known before the Early-Access launch, So industry insider Tom Henderson. The hoped-for mother of all patches has not become, on the other hand, the name Update 0.2.1 suggests that is still a lot to do until Battlefield 2042 is a finished game.

The next patch should follow on 23 November and bring more improvements. According to Henderson, a third patch is planned for the 7th of December, which is to submit content. (Source: Tom Henderson)

Above all, the poor performance and low frame rate are still an obvious problem in Battlefield 2042, but could be improved in the coming patch. An improvement of the often criticized maps, which in Battlefield 2042 are too big for many, however, is difficult to implement in a patch.

Original message from 17.11.2021 – 17:13 clock

No good start for Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 does not set up a good start and EA and DICE must take a lot of criticism. Because the frustration of the Battlefield community is growing and is shared mercilessly in the network.

Our colleague at Gig Games also moves the conclusion that Battlefield 2042 was still unavoidable and not ready for the release. That coincides with the many complaints of the players.

Fans are sour — these are the reasons

On the Red Day page to Battlefield 2042 the hut is burning. The complaint list is long: The cards are too big, weapons poorly balanced, no in-game voice chat (either to release) and lots of bugs that brake the game and make the multiplayer to a frustrating experience.

User RocketPhopping explicitly involves the card Kaleidoscope and criticizes the size of the map at a humorous way. Other users oblige him; The card is empty and there is too much water.

How annoying the huge maps can become, the following video shows from the user DC JAB1.

Battlefield 2042 Day 1 Livestream Such bugs are still harmless. Because Battlefield 2042 currently plagues quite different problems. Especially weapons are currently strange and faulty. Users O0RABBet0o, Nicksbeko89 and J4K5 show an arbitrary target detection and weapons scattering.

But not only weapons are affected. Even in melee combat you can ruin a fairer bug the game, as users wet wanker proves impressive.

The User Atomic Tieback has created a list of all current problems in Battlefield 2042 and even sent them to DICE. (Source: Reddit) What is improved in the day-one patch is on November 19th, when Battlefield 2042 is officially appearing.

You want to convince yourself of the quality of the games despite the criticism? Then access:

Battlefield 2042 suffers like Battlefield 5 at that time

Battlefield 2042 is a pure multiplayer experience and, among other things, will take you on the largest battlefields of the series with up to 128 players in the well-known modes conquest and breakthrough.

Metacritic critic and usage is far apart. The press gives Battlefield 2042 on average a solid 77, while the game decreases with a USERS core of 2.5 tendency — for many players to a similar level as the predecessor Battlefield 5 drops.