BVB | Deals Mats Hummels from the DFB

He dreamed of becoming a solid size in the German football national team. But the last two World Cup qualifiers against Liechtenstein and concluding Armenia will take place this week without Mats Hummels. After consultation with the BVB star, national coach Hans Flick relies on the younger competition. Does the World Cup train also drive away in the coming year without the Routinize?

Since Hans Flick has taken the job of the German National Trainer of Joachim Löw in July of this year, Mats Hummels did not have a single international game yet. First, the defense chief of Borussia Dortmund fell with its continuing patella tendon pain, which is in full during the European Championship Handicap ten.

Even now, the state of health of the World Champion of 2014 is repeatedly led by flick to justify non-consideration. Hummel has completed every single league game of his BVB since mid-September, for the return to the national team, it is not enough so far in the current season but yet.

I really have a close exchange with Mats, also with his coach Marco Rose, said the new national coach after caster domination for the last two international matches this year.

Flick added: Just as Mats said now that he is on the way to a hundred percent — we see as a coaching team as well. That s really a good development. [...] in the two weeks he then breaks Has, he can focus on his workout, that s important.

BVB Defense Stat Mats Hummels never again in the DFB Dress?

The competition of the former German defense chief in the internal defense has long taken its opportunities in the meantime. The likelihood that Hummel s will recently take over a supporting role in the DFB team, has fallen significantly in recent months.

It is clear, regardless of its current Corona disease, that Bayern-Star Niklas SEE is considered a solid size in the DFB team s defense center. Next to him ran in the four-chain favored by Flick so far Antonio Rudder as the second central defender.

The 26-year-old Munich Sure and the 28-year-old London rudder are considered duo for the coming years on the sensitive positions in front of goalkeepers and team captain Manuel new.

Antonio Rudder has achieved world-class level

In contrast to Hummel s, the two were rarely injured and steadily brought their achievements. They are considered temporally and more aggressed than the sometimes retardant Hummel, who in his defensive game at Borussia Dortmund leaves his undoubtedly outstanding anticipatory skills and his bugsturgical strength.

Rudder has developed at team manager Thomas Tuchel at the Champions League winner FC Chelsea to a domestic defender on the world-class level, made his higher demands in the circle of the national team.

The services in white-black dress fit. Thanks to Rudder, Germany also conceded in the five previous competitions under Hans Flick only a single goal.

But even behind the two panels, which so far in three of the five flick games formed the duo in the defense center, the air for Hummel always seems to be thinner.

Jonathan TAH, after strong achievements at Bayer Leverkusen, recently found the way back to the national team, though only through a postnonomicization. The same applies to Paris Legionnaire Hilo Sweeper, who likes to look at the center-back position.

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Playback s Matthias Winter is a solid size at the DFB anyway. And with Freiburg Nico Schlotterbeck is a U21 European champion this year also on the threshold to the team. In the fall, he was already allowed to taste first a national team air at Hans Flick, but had to leave with muscular complaints this week.

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Mats Hummels: With 90 percent, the team does not need me

The affected old master himself, who has so far with 76 A country games for Germany, knows his tricky situation.

Even weeks ago, Hummel s showed a little confident over the Hansi Flick Image that he will once again take a major role in the DFB team: The national team only needs me only if I am at 100 percent. With 80 or 90 percent Need the team does not need me, says the BVB star, who is indispensable in Dortmund with a circular patella tendon and has already denied 14 compulsory games this season.

We have a good guys at the DFB in the back. Therefore, I know that I can only take an important role when I completely perform on the best level.

Even this could no longer be enough for the five-time Germans.

Mats-Yannick Roth