BVB vs. Ajax | Dark red : Ex-Schalke coach criticizes Hummels

The 2014 football World Cup final between Germany as well as Argentina was the final of the 2014 Football World Mug in Brazil and took location on 13 July 2014 at the Maracan Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. In this game, Germany beat the team from Argentina via a gate of Mario Götze 1-0 after expansion and also hence won his 4th World Mug title. It was the 3rd conference of both countries in a final of a Football World Mug, after the Argentinians had actually won in 1986 and the Germans in 1990, and also the first title win of a European football nationwide team on the American continent.

The point reference for Mats Hummels in the Champions League game between Borussia Dortmund and Ajax Amsterdam (1: 3) ensures a lot of conversation. While most football observers agreed after the game that the red card was coated against the BVB defender, the former Schalke coach Peter Neururer has a completely different opinion.

It was the excitement in the game between Borussia Dortmund and Ajax Amsterdam: In the 29th minute, BVB defense chief Mats Hummels brought out near the centerline to the trash, hit his opponent Antony on his left leg and looked smoothly. A very Questionable decision, especially since Hummel s ajax professional not even caught fully.

But referee Michael Oliver knew no grace and sent the Dortmund prematurely to showers. In the further gameplay, the Dutch record champion used the numerical majority merciless and celebrated a late away win. Hummels red card was undoubtedly crucial.

Neururer: BVB Profi Hummels without Chance on the Ball

While the BVB complained about the place of the BVB on the place of reference vehemently, cult coach Peter Neururer defended the controversial referee decision.

With all the appreciation for Mats Hummels and at all fairness we know from him: to go to the centerline and how the referee would say appropriately to take the injury of the counterpoter, which is dark red, said the 66 -Year-old at Champions League1.

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According to Neururer, the situation happily expired. If the pillar had been stable, God knows what could happen, argued the ex-coach, who trained in his career, among other things, the FC Schalke 04 and VfL Bochum.

Hummels had no chance on the ball, so neururer. But the action must be binding red, said the TV expert who is likely to take care of his opinion.