COD Vanguard brings with Update 1.07 Shipment and Fix Nies OP

The new Update 1.07 FORMAL OF DUTY: Vanguard is online and Mango shows you the patch notes in German. At the same time the new Chaos card Shipment, a fix for the OP attachment Vital and other smaller changes.

What happens at COD? The release of Call of Duty: Vanguard is now 2 weeks ago and apparently the developers now go the first problems of the weapon balance. The essay Vital made together with heavy, Russian balls for 2-shot kills with the STG44 and the type 100. One of the biggest balance problems is thus from the game.

In addition, the most popular Map of COD MW (2019) came into play with Shipment — punctually for the first free weekend. From tonight, Vanguard can be played for free by Monday (18th — 22nd November). The complete patch notes we show you here.

Huge Vital Bug Fixed + Shipment is Here!!! | (Vanguard) COD VANGUARD: Patch on 17.11. — patch notes

Information about the update: The update is already online, and you can start it anytime. According to reports, the patch between about 250 MB is large on the consoles and up to 3 GB on the PC.

The info about the Fixed essay Vital were not noted in the patch notes. Secret changes to the weapons and essays were also a problem in modern warfare and the start time of War zone. The official patch notes look like this:

Players could not start Vanguard on the PS5 if they had less than 40 GB Sometimes you could not create weapons blinds (CAMOS) You can not use weapon blinds (camos) more that you do not own When sending clan invitations it could come to crashes Fixed problems with the progress of the operator

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The scoreboard could no longer be considered after death or ex filtration Sometimes the status of the armor was not displayed correctly It could happen that missions did not start and no progress was possible

If you want to take a look at the patch notes, then you have to start the English version of Vanguard. So far, there were only the changes to see in the game and only in English the patch notes have been on time available.

With the update, the developers already solve an important problem with the weapon balance, but there is still a lot to do. The MP40 has a 2-shot setup and the Shotguns from Vanguard are also common surgical rings.

For the Shotguns, the developers have already announced a Nerf, but no appointment called. 39 seconds for a nuke are probably a bit too wild.