Coming PS5, PS4 games for December 2021 and January 2022

Whether you believe it or not, we are now in the last month of 2021 and look forward to the new year. Pretty much all this year's big games for PlayStation 5 and PS4 are outside, and it seems as if things will calm down in December and January. However, that does not mean that you can not look forward to anything — as always there are many exciting titles on the horizon. Let's take a look, yes?

Choir — December 3

Chorus, or Chorus, if you want to make it serious, was announced last year during an Xbox event, but actually makes his way to PS5 and PS4. This is a true development of the space combat shooter, whereby the gameplay put it mainly into the cockpit of a noble (and sentient) space hunter, which defeats the bad guys in colorful, bombastic shootings. It also leans against his story, with the protagonist NARA in search of revenge in a dangerous cult. Not many talk about this game, but it could be a sleeper hit.

among us — December 21st

What is there to say about us? The social deduction game of Innersole exploded on popularity and has come slowly to other platforms, with PS5 and PS4 finally get a piece of the cake this month. In addition to the digital version, you can acquire various physical publications with all possible exclusive goodies for retail. Listen to be suspect and join in the fun, why don't you do it?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction — January 20

Ubisoft leads its Rainbow Six series with Extraction, a coop focused for up to three players, in a new direction. Your team enters a danger zone, which is infected by a dangerous alien mucus, and it's your job to get rid of it. With several operators to be played, dozens of weapons that are to be mastered and a constantly changing threat this will be an intensive, strategic experience.

More upcoming PS5 and PS4 games for December 2021 and January 2022

A hat in the time (PS4)

$29.99 Amazon

Spell force III reformed (PS4) 7. December 2021

$39.99 Amazon

World Quiz (PS4) 7. December 2021

$29.88 Amazon

Who will become a millionaire? — New edition (PS5) 7. December 2021

$39.99 Amazon

Rico London (PS4) 9. Dec. 2021

$49.99 €34,99 Amazon

The eternal cylinder (PS4) 10. December 2021

$29.99 Amazon

Gear Club Unlimited 2: Ultimate Edition (PS5) 14. December 2021


PS Plus December 2021 Free Games LEAKED?! (PlayStation Plus Leaks Rumors) PS+ 2021 Rumor/Leak Amazon

Disney Classic Games Collection (PS4) 14. December 2021

$29.99 Amazon

My universe: Doctors and nurses (PS4) 14. December 2021

$29.99 Amazon

Gear Club Unlimited 2: Ultimate Edition (PS4) 14. December 2021

$39.99 Amazon

The Smurfs: Mission Vi leaf (PS5) 14. December 2021

$39.99 Amazon

The Wild At Heart (PS4) 17. December 2021

$29.99 Amazon

Grand Theft Car: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition (PS4) 20. December 2021

$59.99 €54,99 Amazon

Ever Forward (PS5) 21. December 2021

$39.99 Amazon

Ever Forward (PS4) 21. December 2021

$39.99 Amazon

The Ninja Saviors: The return of the warriors (PS4) 31. December 2021

$29.99 Amazon

Dungeon (PS4) 7. January 2022

$29.99 €29,99 Amazon.DE

Mozart Requiem (PS4) 25. January 2022

$49.99 Amazon

Train SIM World 2: Rush Hour — Deluxe Edition (PS5) 25. January 2022

$39.99 Amazon

Only digital PS5 and PS4 games for December 2021 and January 2022

Below we have listed some remarkable publications that will appear in the PlayStation Store in the next few months.

December 2021

Aster ix & Felix: BLOCK YOU! (PS4) — 02. December Solar Ash (PS5, PS4) — 02. December Heavenly Bodies (PS5, PS4) — 07. December Eternal Night (PS5, PS4) — December 15 Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (PS5, PS4) — December 16th

January 2022

Weird West (PS4) — January 11th

Which PS5 and PS4 games will you buy in November and December? Tell us in the comment area below.