Devolver Digital enters the stock market and receives an investment from Sony Interactive Entertainment

It has been in the air for some time, Devolver Digital did his entry into London Stock Exchange on November 4th. The first specialized publisher in the independent games has integrated more exactly the Investment Market alternative that is carved to accommodate SMEs.

An SME that is worth: this IPO values ​​the independent play publisher not far from 820 million euros, making it the second largest quotation present on the AIM market. As noted on the new shareholder site, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe is one of the economic partners of Devolver Digital up to 5% of the capital, joining the NetEase Games which holds it far from 8% of the shares. The IPO provides Devolver Digital an amount of $ 50 million that will be assigned to the company s expansion plans.

Devolver Digital Acquired Gungeon, Reigns And Stronghold Developers - Sony Invests Via Stock... Today, we have become a publicly traded society. At first glance, it may seem far from the spirit of the group of friends who launched a video game label around a few beers, but it s actually A sort of validation for our team and our partners. We are extremely proud of what we have done over the last ten years and we sincerely think that it will make us even better. Devolver Digital employees are still the majority owners of the business - from those who were present at the first meeting around a picnic table to those who joined the company this year, everyone at Devolver Digital has an interest in the company and in his future, Can we read in a statement published by Devolver Digital.

It teaches us especially that Devolver Digital has made some purchases in recent months without informing the public. In addition to Croteam ( Serious Sam ), the publisher has made the acquisition of Dodge Roll ( ENTER The Gungeon ), Nerial ( reigns ) and Firefly Studios ( STRONGHOLD ). Based in Austin and London, Devolver Digital was founded in 2009 and had a first choice reputation in the middle of the independent labels for the strength to smell the pretty shots like Hotline Miami, Olliolli Loop Hero, Carrion, Fall Guys, Death Door, Gray, Katana Zero or Shadow Warrior. The last game published by Devolver, enrollment, also meets a big hit on Steam.

Also known for its meaning of offset communication, Devolver Digital has released 90 games since its birth, 90% of which have been profitable. The publisher, who currently has 30 games in production, has achieved a turnover of 173 million euros and an operational profit of $ 70 million in 2020. At the time of entering the stock exchange, its workforce is 200 Employees.

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