Devolver Digital estimated at $ 950,000 to the London Stock Exchange

Yes really. Nine hundred and fifty million dollars. AIM (an acronym for Alternative Investment Market) is a sub-market for the London Stock Exchange, and Devolver Digital has made available this morning - of course, with great success. The company found a number of new investors, who entrusted Devolver several million dollars to make profits. This alone is a huge victory, but it also gives them another distinction: they are the second largest business ever negotiated on AIM.

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So, yes, if Devolver Digital s E3 presentations were not enough to inform you, they are a big problem now. However, they still have a way to go: the industry s Titans at the Ubisoft or Nintendo level are sitting at the top of a valuation of more than 6 billion. Yet a nine-numbered evaluation is not an easy business, and the company will probably continue to be a pillar of the game space for the coming years.

Interestingly, Devolver Digital seems to have adopted a unique strategy to develop as a game-oriented company. Although they have put on the market many successful games, none of them experienced so many success as many AAA titles. Their games, which include Loop Hero, Miami Hotline and the next Weird West, keep a sort of refined index charm - producing incredible results, but never taking the world of assault. This distinction did not go unnoticed for those who closely monitor the games of the company, and a user has a theory:

For people who are wondering why [Devolver Digital] is evaluated so high, my theory is because it is because they are consistent. Devolver may not have the big AAA outputs, but the games they all tend to be a certain level of quality and Presque always succeed. Not necessarily gangbusters, but enough to cover development, marketing and have a good benefit more. So, in terms of investment, you can not really go wrong with them for the moment. The forecasts are that they will only improve with time.