Epic buys Harmonix, the study of Guitar Hero

EPIC GAMES COMPRA HARMONIX. ESTÚDIO DE ROCK BAND E GUITAR HERO Epic Games You have announced the purchase of harmonic, the study known to create Guitar Hero, Rock Band or the most recent Fucer.

Harmonic will focus, as explained by the study itself, to create Travel and Gameplay Musicals for Fortnite; For the rest, everything else remains as now, including DLC ​​plans or events In-Game for your games or its as availability.

Find Epic that Harmonic has a great record of creating funny and interesting musical experiences designed for everyone's enjoyment, and hence the interest in adding his experience to the Fortnite Universe. If you were missing any word to feel that this is a genuinely 2021 news, the company of Tim Sweeney also speaks about how Harmonic's experience will be crucial to reimagine how it is experienced, creates and distributes music» in order to underpin your plans for... Build met averse. Well!

Of course, a little music will not go wrong to Fortnite, who has already done everything possible to put the feet in the appetizing waters of live concerts or the omnipresence of the dance, one of the columns on which the play. At the moment nor EPIC nor Harmonic has given more concrete information about the type of fruits that seeks to obtain from this acquisition.

Harmonic was founded in 1995. After experimenting with the relationship between music and game with titles as an amplitude, in 2005 they became one of the great sensations of their time thanks to Guitar Hero, a musical game controlled with plastic guitars. The passion for the instruments reached its peak in a few years, but by then Harmonic had already filed by EA to launch Rock Band, that the guitar added a battery and a microphone in which to sing; In 2010, many Guitar Heroes and Rock Band later, fashion happened and the study that helped create the phenomenon looked for new ways to explore the relationship between music and video games with Central Dance, a dance game for Kine ct.

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They have never done anything particularly bad, but their proposal was losing bellows during the last decade. Thus, we arrive at 2020, when User launched, a game in which it is proposed to mix songs in the cab of a DJ; Something unnoticed, although the intention and even the execution was quite good.