Ex-Bayern Star Arjen Robben adopted with standing ovations

Striker star Arden Robbed has been adopted to conclude his career as a football professional in the stadium of his home club Groningen with standing ovations.

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Laughter on the Bayern Bench - Robben Not Amused The last injured Dutchman came into the stadium in a octal suit, but said he would prefer to say goodbye as a footballer, reported the Dutch news agency ANP. Surprisingly, the 37-year-old had returned to FC Groningen last year, where his career began.

He could no longer help the association of the Redivide in his farewell year. Injuries plagued the striker, and he could only run in seven games.

Robbed had debuted in 2000 at FC Groningen and then played for the PSV Eindhoven. He then came to Bavaria about Chelsea and Real Madrid. There, the Dutch celebrated its greatest achievements. The highlight was the profit of the Champions League 2013 in the London Wembley Stadium — his highlight in the final of the winning hits to 2: 1 against Borussia Dortmund.