Fantastic Landscape Open World Survival AMONG TREES Maintenance and STEAM started delivery

Sweden s Indie Beloved FORD Interactive has officially launched open world survival AMONG TREES on Nov. 10 and has started delivery in Steam.

This game is for PC, with an exclusive contract of 15 months in the EPIC Games store, a single-play work with an early access version from June 14, 2020.

The player explores the depression and caves with dangerous wildlife with a colorful and fantastic atmosphere. In addition, unlocking functions such as cooking, cultivation, tool production, sewing and sewing by expansion of cabin installed in the woods. You can improve the convenience of life.

The game mode prepared is two types of normal standards and Zen without dangerous wildlife. Each easy, normal, and hardware of hardware can be selected.

In early access periods, new areas, items, new discoveries, new discoveries, etc. actions such as a job, a brewery that brings a variety of benefits to the journal In addition to any thirsty system, a pet system of a fox that feeds, brush, training, training, and search for items.

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AMONG TREES with unique video beauty is for PC and is usually distributed at STEAM, usually 1,520 yen, 10% off until November 18th. Epic Games Store is being delivered for 1,580 yen.