Freestyle 2: Revolution, Dictionary reservation for 1 week

Slavic Basketball Games released on the 23rd day of coming 2: Revolutionary pre-reservation participants exceeded 1 million people.

Freestyle 2: Revolution is a mobile newly based on online game freestyle 2, which has a distance basketball. Like the original, the real-time 3-year-old battle is supported, and the graphics were changed in 2D in 2D, and have character and basketball court customization.

Regarding the participant, we pay for 200 diamond, 20,000 gold, energy drinks, and additional compensation for 200 diamond, 200,000 gold, energy beverages, and each store. After launching a basketball animation Kursk basketball collaboration.

Freestyle 2 Card Attribute Guide by Panda/Dulle EXPLAINED

Freestyle 2: Freestyle 2: Larval of the pre-reservation, he said, I have been exceeding 100 million preliminary reservations. I will pay the power until I launched it to reward with service and operation.