Game of Harry Potter becomes viral for using a hentai gesture

Last September came Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, an RPG of letters for mobile devices and PC, to the East, and is currently very popular in China. However, this title has begun to receive attention in the West, not because people demand that this title reach our region, but by an error that alludes to a common practice in the world of hentai.

As Daniel Ahmad points out, Nike Partners analyst, Ne tease, those responsible for this title, a controversy have been involved, after users realized that the female characters made the infamous face of ahead When receiving damage. For the uninitiated, this expression represents pleasure, and is usually used in the world of anime for adults.

Ne tease has already apologized for this error, and have mentioned that they are already working to solve it. However, this problem goes beyond a simple facial expression. As another user points out, several players in China have discovered a series of inappropriate models for female characters, and are already demanding a refund.

At the moment it remains to be seen how the developers fix this problem. Recall that China has a strong policy against inappropriate material in video games, so this could cause problems for Ne tease.

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Editors note:

This type of errors are not something new. However, what is striking on this occasion, is that these expressions only apply to female characters, and some of these are minors. Similarly, Chinas policies have strict rules against this type of content, whether intentional or not. Hopefully the problem is solved as soon as possible.