GTA: Trilogy: Detectioned Edition

The other day GTA: Trilogy: Detectioned Version. Although it was a remaster of the long-awaited Grand See Hate III generation work, there was a problem with the fans as there was a problem with the fans, and apology comments from Rockstar Games will be released It has been developed. Under such circumstances, overseas fans have released the video that has improved the fault of the same work using many mod.

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This image uses 15 Mods to solve problems that allow problems, and introduce how much different differences with MOD unused state. Because the fans can improve so much, the official is hand-off, but it will be possible to say that the previous part is improved for the time being, and unlike Mods that have no problem, the official bug fix often What is accompanied by various verifications. I would like to expect that it will be quick enough to improve as soon as possible.

Rockstar did an AMAZING JOB.. (GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition)

In the detail section of the video, a list of Mods used is also included. If you can not wait for improvement, it may be good to try it.