Halo Infinite: First games of the day will soon bring more experience

I Played The First 4 Missions Of Halo Infinite Campaign & The Delay Did Wonders (Impressions) After first adjustments in experience points and challenges in the Multiplayer of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries oversees the data in order to make further changes if necessary. Since the progress is not plotted enough at the beginning, Community Manager John Junyszek announced that every day the experience points for the first six games in multiplayer will be increased as follows: First game: 300 experience points Second game: 200 experience points Third Game: 200 Experience Points Fourth Game: 100 Experience Points Fifth game: 100 experience points Sixth game: 100 experience points Seventh game: = 50 experience points The increase in experience points will go live on December 1st. Other changes will be implemented, but you need more time.