How to get fishing success at sea Jellyfish Fanatic in Final Fantasy XIV

Sea fishing at Final Fantasy XIV offers some achievements that require efforts, luck and collaboration to get. But it s worth it; Only the most determined fishermen can wear the title Jellyfish Fanatic that is assigned to you if your group can catch 150 jellyfish in one fishing trip.


This guide explains the optimal strategy to win the Fishing Bonus Held Together, which allows you to get what the jellyfish did you? Success.

before fishing

Make sure you unlocked Ocean Fishing, of course. You will want to be level 80 and well-equipped before embarking on this achievement. With 800 GP plus hi-cordials, you can use identical and double hook molded jellyfish to maximize your transport. You will need a good supply of rag worms to catch your jellyfish, although it is good to have dodos and krill to the hand; You might need it if you fail.

You will also need a group of 7 other fishermen who work for the same purpose. There are several FFI and Link shells Cross-World fishing discords that can help you find other people to complete your group. Shout Chat in Lisa During fishing time is the best way to get an invitation to them.

Fishing routes

Talk to DrySkthota on sea fishing platforms in Lisa Louisa to find the fishing navigation calendar at sea. For the realization of the jellyfish, the best route ends in the sea of ​​Romano at night, but you can catch jellyfish on the sea. Long from any fishing itinerary that stops in the southern Strait of Method.

How to catch jellyfish

When you are in the southern Strait of Method, use lice verses as bait. The Ocean Jellies has a small tug (indicated by a single exclamation point) and appears less than 5 seconds after starting. You can double safely (!) Fishes that bite by 5 seconds. Do not wind fish with a medium tug (!!) or Large (!!!). Once you catch a jellyfish, use the identical distribution with double hook 4 other jellyfish.

If your group is running out of 150 after your 7 minutes in Method and your boat goes to Romano bay at night, you can try catching some floating saucers. Use dodos worms to catch a spectral low and, if you are lucky, you will launch a spectral phase. Once you are in a spectral window, go to Krill and turn in small tugs (!) To have a chance of floating saucers. It s hard to achieve, but it s worth trying if your group is close enough.

Enhancements in Hahn Tia Actual for collecting many data for the benefit of all fishermen.