Manchester United is looking forward to Godfather of the counterpressing Ralf Rangnick

Ralf Rang nick is to take over Manchester United. In England, he is already celebrated as a drawing father of Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel.

Cristiano Ronaldo could face hard months, eventually Ralf Rang nick described the superstar years ago as too old. But Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel can hardly expect Rang nick's upcoming signature as a new team manager at Manchester United.

Rang nick once gave Tunnel the first coaching job, and Kl opp was happy on Friday: If it is true, an excellent, very experienced coach comes to England. United is very organized — that's not good news for other clubs.

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So Rang nick should reform the English nursing case Manchester United as successor to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The change is imminent to SID information immediately, the lawyers only work on last contract details. An enforcement is expected until Sunday, Rang nick would then be after Kl opp (FC Liverpool) and Tunnel (FC Chelsea) the third German team manager in the Premier League.

In England, they are already very excited about the new German, which is celebrated in the media as a mentor of Kl opp and Tunnel. Rang nick have inspired and influenced in her work, and he is simply the Godfather of the counterpressing.

And it's also true, Rang nick's recipe for success on all his station like Stuttgart, Schalke, Cofferdam or Leipzig? Relentless and aggressive pressing, then in full speed forward. Heavy-Metal football just as the Englishman of Kl opp and Tunnel know and love. However, the football professor mostly worked with young and hungry players who praised his system. Ronaldo, meanwhile 36 years old, has not yet noticed after his return to Manchester in the summer by diligent defensive work after ball losses.

But to catch up with the busy rivals Liverpool and Chelsea, they now build on the Red Devils on the man who was the first to play the Klopp-Tuchel football in Germany. For rancidity, officially even Thomas Tucheling ladder at the Russian champion locomotive Moscow, thus truly fulfilled.

Kluge Decision by Manchester United

The argue has been considered a fan of Premier League, and he speaks fluently English, studied at the University of Sussex. United with his old splendor still sprayed a big romantic attraction. For all this, Rang nick is also ready to sign only by summer 2022, then he becomes a consultant of the club.

England's great football way Gary Lineker described the obligation as a smart decision of United. And for Rang nick there is enough to do. Manchester is just aft in the table, four of the last five games in the league went lost, head leaders Chelsea is hipped by twelve points. On Sunday (17:30 / SKY), Manchester meets the blues around Tunnel, but then will not sit angle, but again Michael Garrick sitting on the bench. After that, the new age in Old Trafford should begin.