New World : Proposals Amazon Games players to avoid bots

The bots are increasingly present in the world of Aeternum, why developers New World have decided to implement additional measures to stop the gold sellers in New World. The new shares Games Amazon is taking against the gold sellers are:

Prohibition and suspension of many reported accounts, as well as bots that had gold. Adding restrictions to prevent the exchange from player to player and transfer currency characters below level 10 or whose accounts are less than 72 hours old. If you log in an account after 72 hours, you can operate and transfer currency once you reach level 10. Redistribute the value of the currencies of some initial missions later in the line of the main story missions, maintaining the same total amount of coins won, which were delivered in a little later missions. Using Auction House it will be limited until new characters accept the mission Introduction to Auction House in its first colony.

I Spoke With Amazon Game Studios About New World Part 1 (Cash Shop, Micro-transactions, Battlepass) To help developers, we inform any account that you post messages to sell gold coins. If we see a bot, especially those who hide in waterfalls or do not behave in any way normal have to report them quickly by pressing the H key and then when you report against the alleged bot. However, we must be careful not to inform the real players, as more than one (including me) we have put a video on YouTube while we fish or collect resources.

This is how we can help developers, but certainly remove Family Sharing Steam solve some of our problems. This operation allows accounts forbidden to play quietly in their basic account. However, while awaiting removal tool, make sure postpone offers bots and characters to sell gold coins.

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