New World: Threatens trouble through another duit

Especially only Amazon Game Studios got a Item Dupe at New World halfway in the handle and then released the previously locked Tale transfer again. But it looks like further trouble for the online role-playing game through a new Dupe bug.

Which Dupe Bug in New World is?

What happened ? In the official forum, the user Recook by had first reported a supposed dupe bug. Accordingly, he wanted to trade some objects with a friend or swap.

It came to a small problem, so he wanted to stop trading. After this abort, however, the traded objects would have been located in his inventory as well as in the inventory of his friend.

In order to go closer to the problem, he repeated the trade and had come to the same conclusion. However, he could not say exactly what the trigger for the dupe bug is. You may be able to split with the division of large object quantities in several stacks.

What do the developers say?

Other users in the official forum have now confirmed the bug. It seems to be relatively easy to reproduce. However, they urgently warn you to exploit him, as otherwise a penalty in the form of Account locks or similar sanctions could threaten.

The developers of Amazon Game Studios have not yet come to the problem. You may want to wait for further reports before you step in. It would not be the first time that such a dupe bug occurs in New World and provides both general chaos and displeasure with the fans.

Source: Forum

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