OP essay in COD Vanguard is so mistaken that it is mandatory on 3 weapons

Call of Duty: Vanguard is not long in the market yet and slowly turns out which weapons and which equipments are strong. An attachment, however, exaggerates a little after the release and gives 3 weapons thereby an advantage over the competition.

Which essay is? It s about the Vital essay from the category Skill. In Call of Duty: Vanguard you can screw up to 10 essays on your weapons and with the skill attachments you will receive passive bonuses such as faster reloading or increased twitch resistance, if you catch enemy balls.

Vital offers you an exciting property, which turns out to be too strong after the release: the hit zone for headshots is expanding itself, and it causes the full headshot damage even in the chest area.

Vital enlarges Headshot area with all the advantages

Which weapons benefit from it? The essay is only available for a handful of weapons, including some sniper rifles and Marksman Rifles. But also two assault rifles and a machine gun have the attachment in line-up:

Storm rifle: STG 44 Storm rifle: IRA burst Machine gun: Type 100

And here are the problems go. Because while you only have moderate benefits while on the range rifles, vital will bring you a thick advantage in these three weapons, which is currently Overpowered.

With the surgical attachment, you simply reduce your required shots for a kill with chest horses and especially the STG 44 is thus offset from the competitors of the weapons class. The STG also applies to the strongest weapons after the start without Vital.

Why is that so strong? on one side, because the headshot multiplier in Vanguard is comparatively high. Players With a high rate of headshots, Vanguard offers an optimal game meadow.

On the other hand, because breast hits are pretty easy to set. This is the area to which most players with their bullets have aperture and the hits also land.

With all 3 weapons, you reduce the time-to-kill with just a breast hit and do not even have to go to the head. It does not matter how the other hits land as long as one meets the chest:

TT with a breast hits — first damage area

STG 44 without Vital: 4 shots / 300 milliseconds STG 44 with Vital: 3 shots / 200 milliseconds Type 100 without Vital: 5 shots / 320 milliseconds Type 100 with Vital: 4 shots / 240 milliseconds

With the type 100, the time-to-kill even goes down to 160 milliseconds when you chase 3 balls into the chest. Overall, the MP is therefore very strong and possibly even the best weapon of your class. But the type 100 is more on control specializing in control and does not exaggerate anything else with damage.

COD Vanguard Beta - Default Reload Animations + Gun Goofs

At the IRA Burst you have to meet all 4 balls from the burst for a kill. Through the vital breast hit, however, 3 balls are sufficient out of the burst. That you may not reduce the time-to-kill, but increases to send enemy directly to the first burst in the Respawn the chance.

Do you want to look at you a quick analysis of the surgical attachment, then we bind you, the English video of the Cod expert TheXclsuiveAce here:

Remains the case? Especially the STG 44 is based on the benefits of Vital from its competition and is therefore too strong. Here is pretty sure readjusted and certainly with the first balance patch the fun could be over. However, as you unlock relatively late essay, you need only a little grind, to take advantage of vital the weapon.

By the way you can with Vanguard for the first time leveling your operator, and you earn a lot of cosmetics in order: Cod Vanguard: All Operator Release — How it frees plays and what you can level up