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R.O.B. (Robot Operating Friend) is a toy robot device for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NEW). It was launched in July 1985 as the Family Members Computer System Robot in Japan, and also October 1985 as R.O.B. in The United States And Canada. Its brief life-span yielded just 2 games in the Robotic Collection: Gyro mite and Stack-Up.

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Robot Entertainment announces that the new Cold As Eyes DLC for Orcs must have the! 3 From now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and Steam is available.

The Cold As Eyes DLC contains new cyclonic enemies against which the players have to fight, but beware: When a Cyclops dies, he heals all surrounding cyclops. Take it in three icy scenarios with these fearsome opponents and sets up for the fight with a new flamethrower weapon who has a powerful second respiratory attack.

Players can use the cyclonic view to turn enemies into stone, and place the new melt gold trap to cover enemies with gold and gain the chance of a special coin levy.

The three new ice cream scenarios are also available in the game modes Endless and Scramble, along with other Cold AS Eyes-specific buffs and rebuffs for scramble mode.

Orcs Must Die! 3 - Cold As Eyes DLC Launch Trailer Here you can watch the Cold As Eyes Launch Trailer: