Our mobile selection of the week: isolat, the island really very mysterious

LIVE - Death of Ahmaud Arbery: Trial for 3 men charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery | Day 6 It all started two weeks ago, when a valiant reader (which I still thank strongly in passing!) Asked me here as I knew isolate. I felt a little embarrassed since the answer was no. But this injury to my pride especially had the effect of stinging my curiosity. Neither one nor two, isolate was installed on my iPhone. I then dived to discover, not a website where to buy glass wool and Ba13, but a gîte of sacredly crazy adventure and very clever which, indeed, deserved well the few paragraphs following.

Which brand first when you arrive at the lost island, it is obviously its artistic direction who is Bitly affirmed with its childish attacks frozen the grotesque that would almost give the impression of being in a BD of I like to read. The trait is voluntarily a little rude, rudimentary, and it sticks perfectly with its atmosphere happily without tail or head. For his scenario, the game looks instead of lost after some tastings of Beaujolais again, with a mysterious island where strange pyramids and temples are hiding, a statue of a patch monster (pH igloo MLW Nash Cthulhu R Lye WGA Nail Foreign?), but also some inhabitants barred (a cosmonaut, a sailor who lost his boat...) who have no idea what they do here and even less from how to get out. You will have understood: it is up to you to find the way to leave this funny place.