Outcast 1.1: New classic currently free at gog.com

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???? Outcast 1.1 Free Full Game

In the online shop of Gog.com you can currently spend the new classic outcast 1.1 for free. Content restrictions are not available here because it is the complete full version.

Outcast for free on Gog

If you want to secure the free full version, you have to visit the online shop of Gog.com. There you go to the product page of Outcast 1.1, where you will discover the big free button immediately. You can now simply place the game in your shopping cart, the transaction concludes and download directly afterwards the free full version.

How long this offer is valid, however, is not known. Therefore, do not like the download not too much time.

What is Outcast 1.1?

It is a newly applied or newly compiled version of the original version from 1999. The basis for this was the original source code. Among other things, improvements include a more powerful voxel renderer for more performance, bilinear software filters for polygonal grids and a slightly redesigned HUD (head-up display).

There are also a new launcher, support for Xbox controllers as well as numerous bug fixes, which ultimately should provide a better gaming experience.

In the focus of Outcast (Buy Now €11,14 / €5.29) stands the protagonist Cutter Slave, a former Navy SEAL, who should keep a group of scientists on the strange planet Alpha and protect. In the action adventure, which was originally developed by the Belgian Studio Appeal, the exploration of a huge game world and the contact with extraterrestrial life forms are in focus.

Source: gog.com

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