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Pokémon Go celebrates Diwali with the Festival of Lights Event, where the 4th generation Pokémon is presented and is full of bonuses and rewards.

This next big event will not come for a long time after completing Pokémon Go s recent Halloween event and aims to continue Hoopas ongoing history with a new complement to special research history Season of Mischief. The event also includes firecrackers, a free avatar object, special bonuses, thematic spawns, the return of Cobalion, Terrakion & Virizione and more.

We have everything you need to know about the Festival of Lights in Pokémon Go below so that you can get the most out of the event!

Start and end data of the Festival of Lights

The Light Festival in Pokémon Go starts on Friday, November 5., at 10 o clock in the morning, local time and ends on Sunday, 14.11. at 20 clock, Local time.

Dedennes Pokémon Go debut: Can Dedenne shine?

Dedenne is a Pokémon of the type Elektro / Fee of Generation 6 and will be his debut in Pokémon go during the light of light. Many dedennes will appear in the wild, but they can also get them through field research tasks and fight them in 1 star raids. Dedenne can do not shine for the current time, as it is usually the case with Pokémon species debuts.

Pokémon Go Festival of Lights Event Bonuses and Extras

The bonuses of the Festival of Lights focus on gifts and friendship, some of the topics of Diwali itself. Trainers worldwide can enjoy the following bonuses throughout the event:

The friendship levels will rise twice as fast. (2 friendship points per person and day.) Increased objects from gifts. Gifts can be opened up to 45 times a day.

bonuses exclusively for India

On Sunday, November 7, 2021, from 16 clock. until 19 o clock. Local time gives coaches in India two special premiums. These include Double Catdy Candy and an increase in Dedenne and Blitzle spawns.

Team Rocket Bonuses

Even if not much is currently known, Niantics blog post The announcement of the event warned us in front of a team Rocket invasion on November 9th. Team Rocket will appear more frequently in balloons and pokéstops, and coaches can use a Charged TM, to reduce frustration from a shadow Pokémon. This guide is updated if further information is available. We recommend that you inform yourself about the counters of Cliff, Arlo and Sierra to prepare themselves as they will undoubtedly cause trouble.


In the first days of the event there will be fireworks in the game that can be seen in the sky of the surrender. It is likely that the firework takes the five days of Diwali, which stand for faith, food, fireworks, family and charity.

Avatar objects

A FREE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS T-SHIRT will be available for all players in the avatar shop in the game. Dedenne-inspired garments will also be available for Pokécoins and include a hat, shoes and a bag.


Dedenne stickers will be available by turning poké stops and opening gifts. You are also available in the shop in the game.

Season of UNFUGS Special Research

A new part of the Season of Mischief Special Research will be added during the event. When you complete it, you will get access to A special event at the end of the season. More details are added when this event goes live.

Pokémon Go Festival of Lights Spawns

Pokémon species relating to the Festival of Lights theme, such as Electric and Fire Pokémon, are spawning in the wild. The full list of Pokémon Spawns is below:

EIN Sternchen

Indicates that the Pokémon has a chance to be shiny. Pikachu Magnemite Slugma To whisper Electrics Flashes Cotton Tynamo Fennek Dedenne Darumaka (occasionally)

Litwick (occasionally)

Pokémon Go Festival of Lights Field Research

The field research tasks during the festival of the light are currently unknown, but the available Pokémon are listed below. This section of the manual is updated when the field research tasks have been published.

An asterisk Indicates that the Pokémon has a chance to be shiny. Vulpix Magnemite Electabuzz Magmar Electrics Flashes Darumaka



Pokémon Go Festival of Lights Raids and Eggs Raids Darkrai is replaced by Terracion, Virizion and Kobalion in five-star raids, while mega is exchanged absolutely

Mega manektric.

If you read this before starting the event, you definitely read our absolutage and darker counterheads before they disappear! Below you will find a complete list of Pokémon, which emerge in Raids:

An asterisk Indicates that the Pokémon has a chance to be shiny. One star raids Glumanda Vulpix


Litwick Dedenne Three-star raids Alolan Raichu


Magmar Bellossom Five-star raids




Mega raids



7 km eggs will have Pokémon to do with the festival of light, while the rest of the egggroups stays equal to the current pool of November. A complete list of Pokémon who hatches from eggs can be found below, along with their rarity. An asterisk Indicates that the Pokémon has a chance to be shiny.

An egg rarity

Alolan Geodude


Pichu Two-egg rarity


ROCKET TAKEOVER EVENT FINALLY | Pokémon GO Festival of Lights Event Three-egg rarity

Magby elekide four-egg rarity Budew This is our guide to the Festival of Lights Event in

Pokémon go ! If you want to know what else happens in November, read our guide to

Pokémon Go

S November Spotlight Hour, RAID and Event schedule.

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