Saints Row: Release of reboots is postponed, but it is still in 2022

The wounded Saints Row should actually get a new reboot in the spring of 2022. But as the responsible Publisher Deep Silver now has to be announced, unfortunately nothing from the original plans. Saints Row appears later than planned.

Saints Row comes with delay

The team decided that the development of Saints Row requires the extra time. Accordingly, Saints Row is no longer in spring 2022, but still appear in the course of the year 2022:

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How long do I have to wait? Originally Saints Row should appear on February 25, 2022, so randomly on the same day as the release of Elder Ring. But now we have to patronize until August 23, 2022, i.e. about six months longer.

What is the reason? The reason is not the simultaneous release with Elder Ring, as a user in the comments jokingly suspected. The developer team just requires more time to miss the game the last fine grinding.

Which game facilities will appear in the spring of 2022 else, you will learn from the following post:

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Basic framework is already available

However, the game itself is already completed, so there should be no further changes more apart from the general quality and polishing. This means that the optics and the contents of Saints Row are already determined.

Deep Silver also promised in the comments that further gameplay trailers should follow in the coming weeks. The newest trailer for Saints Row can be found here:

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Its about Saints Row

Cyberpunk 2077 Just Received UNBELIEVABLE News!  Red Dead Redemption 3, Saints Row Gets New Updates Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S as well as for the PC. The Saints Row series is referred to as a crazy cousin of the GTA series. However, the reboot returns rather to the quieter roots.

We create our own character with which we provide wild chaos in the city of Less. In the open world, it is important to conquer the individual urban areas and distribute the local gangs. In addition, we can drive through the area as usual, shoot with weapons and thus cause a tremendous mess.

Are you grateful about the displacement or would you like Saints Row liked to play in spring?