So you will find in Destiny 2 armor with the highest stats - more does not work

In destiny 2 are the armor with high base total value hot coveted items. You determine what your guardian has understood on it. In addition to the distribution of the individual skill attributes, the higher the base total value, the better. But where do you find this strongest Gear in Destiny 2, and what exactly are the highest base total values? Mango tells you.

Every week to the Weekly Reset starts in Destiny 2 a new hunt for top equipment. Here, the players chase not only to Power level, but also after arms with the highest total value. The right distribution of the individual skill attributes, such as mobility, resilience or intellect, choose player according to class and personal style of play. The optimal distribution of the skill attributes is different for each class and partly a personal decision.

In principle, you should know in armor: All legendary armor drops have values ​​with a total value of at least 44 and a maximum of 68 points. Exotic armor can even reach 70 as the underlying.

There are also exceptions: Exotics before Shadow keep are one exception. You can drop with 71 as a base total value. This is because they were taken from the old armament system when Bungee introduced armor 2.0 in August 2019. Two examples of this are the exotics transverse steps or Ease See Arm guard.

With the knowledge of the current maximum basic values ​​for armor, every Destiny 2 player can easily recognize and classify a good armament drop.

All armor parts with a base total value below 60 can almost always be disassembled For armaments drums with a base total value over 65, the view of the skill attributes is worthwhile The perfect Gear has basic total values ​​over 66 Exotic armor can drop with the highest basic total values ​​in the game

More in Destiny 2 does not work: With a complete set of legendary arms on 68 total value (without mods, aspects and fragments) and a 70/71 exotic in the loadout, a player in Destiny 2 has reached the maximum. More is not possible.

Fits in these armor parts then the distribution of the skill attributes on the basis of the personal preferences, this is the non-plus ultra what you understand in Destiny 2 under a high-end loadout.

Top stats armor from challenging activities

Sometimes the dealers in Destiny 2 properly offer good Gear with a base total value over 60. That's why there is a visit here regularly. However, that rarely happens and is more of the exception.

Most players get their high-quality armor from very specific activities. Who plays this regularly has optimal opportunities.

On Reddit, Destiny-2 players have put together a hit list of these activities, from which they are the most common legendary armor parts or exotics with very high base total values, beyond the 66, drooped.

1) From the current RAID The Glass Chamber 2) From dusk strikes on the difficulty Grand master and leader 3) In the current dungeon Prophecy 4) In the iron banner (from the 4 prey trains) 5) from the trials of Osiris

Skill attributes can be influenced specifically

In the meantime, the players do not just have to rely on their pure happiness. Skill distribution can be slightly influenced by economic mods for your mind. Thus, for example, acquired armor parts receive a higher probability, with a minimum value of 10, to the desired skill attribute to drop.

It is also possible to influence the distribution of skills, such as recovery or strength, a targeted level 3 focus of the Umbra Engrams. Especially the armor from the season of the splice had always excellent values ​​beyond the 60 and is considered an insider tip. Why this is not the case with the armor of the current Season 15, only bungee knows.

Raid Gear has a solid, weekly skill focus

The RAID on the difficulty of Grand master offers players the best option to get Gear with the desired skill attributes. Each week, a different skill attribute rotates in the Raid, which then guarantees the players at least 20 points in the focused value. This also affects the armor from the bucket chest at the end of the raid.

The Grand Master Raid does not only reward the players with the particularly coveted time-refurbished weapons, but also with a strong option for skill attributes on RAID armor.

The HIGHEST/LOWEST stats on armor MAY NOT be what you think! | Destiny 2 Armor Stats Tips Guide

So those who prioritize certain attributes on his armor has the greatest opportunities here. Of course, this activity belongs to one of the toughest throughout Destiny 2, but for this she finally promises the most worthwhile Loot. The only downside: the rotation of the skill is random from week to week.

Are you already satisfied with the values of your armor or in your farming? Can you even shine with a 71 exotic and a complete, legendary 68 arms set? And do you think, from December 2021, the players need their armor attributes, because of the big balance capabilities update, recall and assemble?