The Halo series is still underway: A first teaser of the teacher s teacher is filtered on television

The teacher chief has become an icon for Spartans due to various heroic acts in full battle against Covenant. But this figure, which will soon return to the controls with Halo Infinite, is already prepared to leave more people in a new territory: Television. A field in which he is already heating the engines with the filtration of 10 images from the series and, added to this, a teaser published ahead of time.

Teaser has been published ahead of time as advertising on Facebook has been the Spartan News account on Twitter who have detected the early appearance of this short video as Advertising on Facebook, since it is possible that it is possible that it is possible Revealed more details at today s Xbox Anniversary Celebration. As you can see in the toot linked next, the Teaser presents some aspects characteristic of the armor of the master chief, as well as the voice of Cortana Greeting of her companion. And, although nothing else is shown in relation to production, it is proof that the Halo series is still underway after the various potholes to which he has survived since his first announcement.

Halo TV Series First Teaser Trailer Leaks!

After all, this teacher has suffered some delay that, added to other shocks as the platform change to Paramount + and the abandonment of its second author-producer, has endeavored the development of the series. However, as if it were a challenging mission for Spartan, he goes on with the production of him and demonstrates the resistance of him in front of the television incumbencies.

And is that this series of halo does not intend to meet the expectations of the players, since it is attempted to explore the war between humanity and the Covenant from a different perspective, which will show a completely new profile of the boss Teacher. With a date still uncertain, there is no doubt that this Spartan has a lot to tell, both in video games and in the universe of television. Therefore, we only have to wait how the master chief moved to the big screen.