The Witcher Sepremiereon 2: Geralt combat against an unknown enemy in his new tepremiereer

The second sepremiereon of The Witcher in Netflix is ​​a few weeks away from his premiere. The most famous sorcerer of the small screen will face new enemies premiere chapters ppremieres. One of them is myriapod, a creature of more than two meters high reminiscent of a hundred. You will find the official tepremiereer at the head of this news.

In the new fragment we see Gerald de Rivia Face to face with him. The monster is almost tried thanks to its pointed legs; The superior extremities follow the same fate, what he uses to send lethal blows. The sorcerer uses the magical arts of him to protect himself from him, at the same time premiere he burns his sword to repel the rival.

The Witcher Netflix - Fight Scene With Music From The Game The Witcher Sepremiereon 2, Premiere on December 17

The continuation of the successful first part will be relepremiereed at Netflix on December 17. Few details have transcended up to this moment. Beyond your official trailer, you can see by clicking on this link, we already know what the episode will be that will open this framework. A Grain of Truth is the story that will be reflected in the introduction.

After the first sepremiereon, I thought we had lost the opportunity to finish short stories. And, on the other hand, we were able to adapt this story and introduce Cirri into it. It is the story of a father and a daughter who gather in a place that does not feel safe for them. And, of course, we have level Len, played by the incomparable Kristopher Hindu. We can explore the character of her and the background story of her with Gerald. It is the perfect boot for the second sepremiereon because it is about the family; About the secrets that we save each other and the monsters that we sometimes have inside, he said.