WOW changes set of patch 9.2 because it players at Ku-Klux

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In the new patch 9.2 follow (World of Warcraft), new, class-specific animal sets come back after a long time. But the optics of the witch champion set reminds player with his hood on robes of the Ku Klux Klan. The community made Blizzard attentively and those saying: We have overlooked that, we change.

What does Blizzard say? On Twitter, the developers of Blizzard write that one agrees to the community. The new witch champion set looks out of certain angles to something other than a WoW set. Thats why you want to rebuild the set before the release of patch 9.2 and still show the new version on the test servers.

In the community, the set made with its optics for hot discussions.

9.2 HEALER TIER SET BONUSES REVEALED! First Look at ALL Healer Sets & Initial Reaction | Shadowlands Community: From behind it looks like from the Mukluk Klan

The players say: Detainees already showed the optics of the new WOW sets from Patch 9.2 already in the preview. On Reddit, players write about this PTR screenshots that the optics are not well-chosen. Users Glitchaestthetic shares pictures of the set and writes looks from behind more like a Grand Wizard. The Grand Wizard is the highest position in the hierarchy of the Ku Klux Klan.

Lexstrasza writes on Twitter: No chance that players will not exploit this. I hope you work again and change the form or color. The main thing is something!

Ontharbourkid responded on Twitter: I was very unhappy with the animal set for witch champions (just like the Demon Hunter), but where I realize that now, I will definitely not use it!

But the account of the Warcraft developer also contacted a tweet and writes that you will change the set. It says: We hear you and agree. We have overlooked that because we did not look at the set completely from all angles before we recorded it in the first test build. We have already begun to adapt the set, and you will see changes in one of the next builds of Eternitys End PTR.

The reactions to the Tweet are mostly positive. Players thank Blizzard quickly accepted the problem and building changes. But some questions, as such a mistake could happen and whether Blizzard had not considered the set before.

Player Gr33nzo writes under the Tweet: Thank you for the quick response and the approval! Thats what the players like to see. Intentionalities come before, important is just how to fix them. I thank you!

The new patch has much more in stock as a few sets. As a final update for Shadow lands, a new area awaits you and of course a battle.

Especially in view of the last actions of Blizzard, where you removed In game content that could potentially be problematic, it is better to fix such problems as the optics of the set quickly.

The developers are currently trying hard to remove content with suggestive jokes or graphics as well as dialogues.

See here which jokes and flirts checks were part of WOW, but have been deleted.