Artificial intelligence designs its own Pokémon after analyzing the 898 in existence

After 8 different generations, Pokémon already has a total of 898 creatures, a figure that will change as soon as Game Freak, the study in charge of the saga, introduces us with the new set that will inevitably arrive. However, so many Pokémon complicate the creation of new designs, so Max Woolf, a Data Scientist of San Francisco, assigned the task to an artificial intelligence.

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Some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive after forcing the IA to observe all the existing Pokémon, the task of making their own creations was imposed. WOOLF shared the results through social networks, with some creatures that clearly borrow several body parts of the designs we already know, and many others that we hardly recognize the inspiration of it.

The results, apparently, were from the liking of the people, so Woolf repeated the process several times, and shared more and more creatures that he designed artificial intelligence. The reception was so positive, that some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive.

The IA that I used was a Udall for all official Pokémon images, Woolf explained. Unfortunately, it is not portable or easy to use, since if it were, it would form an interactive collaboration.

Although Pokémon sword and shield were the last titles in introducing new creatures, they are diamond and pearl remakes that are taking full attention. In Japan, the newly launched games reached 130,500 units sold, standing without difficulties in first sales place of the last week.