BVB | After bankruptcy against Bayern: Zorc Rüffel Hummels

After the 2: 3 bankruptcy of Borussia Dortmund in the top match against Bayern, Mats Hummels must take a lot of criticism. Now BVB Mats Hummelss director Michael Zorn was also commented on the desolate performance of the central defender.

Zwayer erklärt Handelfmeter-Entscheidung gegen Hummels | Borussia Dortmund - FC Bayern München Mats can classify the self, however, Zorn emphasized the Ruhr Messages, but emphasized: Of course he made one or the other mistake too much.

Hummel's are directly involved in two of three goals. The 33-year-old made himself a momentous midnight, the assist or Thomas Müller and Ex-Borusse Robert Lewandowski early to 1: 1.

Even with the hotly discussed penalty scene in the 77th minute, as Hummel's touched the ball with the elbow and then there was a penalty for the record champion to the 2: 3 final score (scorer again Robert Lewandowski) was the state of the defense star The black yellow again in the focus of the action.

Hummel's itself meanwhile expressed itself self-critically to his performance. A very unfortunate defeat for us and an extremely used day for me. Only the thick mistake before the 1: 1 and then very unhappy the Elder caused to 2: 3, wrote the defensive chief one day after the game in the social networks.

Honey and Then shoot against Hummel's

Before, Hummel's had already been criticized by ex-Bavaria professional Dieter Honey and ex-world champion Olaf Then.

He has crossed his climax, Honey judged picture and continued: It will not be better now, which is also biologically conditioned.

Although Hummel's had come away in the unfortunate situations in the top match a bit too bad, but you have to find that Mats' best time is over, emphasized Honey and supplemented: It is indeed so if he is in fact Running duel comes, then he gets his problems.

Then wrote in his kicker column: Unfortunately, however, had Mats Hummels on Dortmund page very many false decisions taken and also bad luck in some moments.