CFS 2021 Grand Final, China's Final Championship

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CFS 2021 Grand Finals Day 5 - Third Place Match CFS The first Chinese team in the history of the Chinese team, the champion trophy,

Brazil Black Dragon 3rd place, Vietnam Cells. 2L 4th record

The final champion of the CFS 2021 Grand Finals has occupied China's Orders.

Smile Gate Entertainment announced the results of the CFS 2021 Grand Final in Inchon Song do Convention, the finals of the CFS 2021 Grand Final, 3, and 4th decisions, and today (6 days) today (6 days).

In the CFS 2021 Grand Final, which is the 10th to this year, the 8th team selected through the qualifiers of China, Euglena, Brazil and Southeast Asia were exhibited. Through the group stage and the semi-finals, the finals of the Black Dragon and Vietnam of Brazilian Black Dragon and Vietnam were set up before the finals of China's Oreg onus and Bad SHA Gaming, 3 and 4th.

CFS 2021 Grand Final's 3, 4th prior to Brazil's Black Dragon and Vietnam's Celebration, and 2L in Vietnam, the fierce match. It is a set of three sets after each team has a set of skills, and the set scores returned to the origin of one set of sets, and starting to the origin of one set. Both teams have been engaged in tight engagement, and the black dragon suited in a little strong momentum was succeeded in picking up a set.

The four sets of the black dragon in the black dragon in the black dragon in the black dragon, and the set scores were set up and set to the CFS 2021 Grand Final 3rd CFS 2021 Grand Final 3rd.

CFS 2021 Grand Final's long-awaited final was the confrontation between the Chinese team. Crossfire The world's strongest country or the finals between the Chinese team were held in 2014 after the Formal CFS convention was held. Chinese fans were blinded in the festival atmosphere in the Chinese team of 3,106 days.

The two teams to climb the best place this year is every round, hit by a set. One set took the Emus took a round score to 10 to 4. However, two sets were not only. The two teams that have not been able to see in prelude to the Golden Round, and the KHAKI has eventually made two sets of set scores and raised to the champion.

But Bad SHA gaming has succeeded in counterattack, and took three sets of sets and chased up the back of the set scores to 2 to 1. But Albums played 4 sets carefully and eventually climbed to the championship of the year with 10 rounds of round scores.

As the winning this day, the Amusement won the winner of $300,000 (about 350 million won), followed by the Chinese team to take the winning trophy last year.

All games in the CFS 2021 Grand Finals were broadcast around the world through 11 different channels, including four languages ​​and CFS official YouTube, including Chinese, Chinese, and Twitter. For more information on matching results and competitions, see the official homepage.