Diablo 3: Expert Wudijo draws conclusion to great exploit in Season 25 - how bad is it?

In Season 25 from Diablo 3, a nasty exploit is actively active, which gives users incredible forces. Therefore, an unfair situation has emerged in the rankings. We asked Diablo expert Audio how bad the exploit is, as it works and how to deal with users now.

What is this for an exploit? We reported on the 15th of December on Mango that an exploit is ruined in the new Season 25 of Diablo 3 just the leaderboards. In the core, it turns to players who exploit a mechanics in the game in a way that is not intended. Thus, they become an incredible advantage in the ranking. While normal players need about 11 minutes for a current time for a Greater Rift of Level 150, it creates the exploits in less than a minute.

We talked about the Exploit with Audio in the interview with Audio. Audio is known for its clenched Diablo knowledge in the community. Regularly he steals his runs on Twitch, streamed in average 5,000 people, when a new season starts in D3 and helps his spectators who ask questions in chat. How does the expert assess the exploit?

How works the exploit in Season 25 of D3

Uh Oh, Season 25 Asia Server ON FIRE & GoD DH Exploits Popping Up!

Mango: Hey Audio, imagine our readers on Mango.

Audio: Hello everybody! I am full time streamer and games Diablo 3 since the first hour. If you have heard something about Max roll, then you've certainly already read one or the other guide from me or seen on YouTube. On Twitch I am online every day and always look forward to new faces in chat! My specialty in D3 is the solo push.

Mango: In your stream you could see a player who concludes the Greater Rifts of Level 150 in Speed run through Exploits. Do you know how the exploit works and can explain that roughly?

Audio: Yes, I know exactly as he works and have already passed that to Blizzard. Roughly explained, there's a bug with the GOD SET since the last patch, which can be stacked the momentum / swing buff of the 2er bonus into infinite under very certain circumstances. As a result, everything can be done with a blow, even a boss in GR150.

MEMO: Does Exploit affect only the Demon Hunter with the God Set?

Audio: Yes, but since it goes mainly around the 2er bonus, the whole thing also works as a combo with Natalya or without a full set, where the ranking lists can now be affected. Overall, the exploit is at least quite limited.

MEMO: Do you have fun at Season 25 now, if you know that players cheat with such an exploit to the top of the rankings?

Audio: Absolutely! The Season I like extremely. Even though my most important destination (World First 150 Solo Hardcore) is already behind me — I have fun with the Soul Shards and the new builds. At the moment I work after the monk on my marauder DH, with whom I want to come to 150. Overall, I am looking forward to some exciting weeks in the Season and a few exploiters will hardly miss the fun.

Banns are justified as a consequence — no one makes mistakes

MEMO: Do you notice a spell for the players who use the exploit intentionally?

Audio: I think an account spell or at least 2 weeks time-out would definitely be justified. Even if the bug can rarely easily occur randomly, and you suddenly make much more damage for a moment than usual, the GR150 exploit requires a very systematic approach and a setup that is completely out of normal gameplay that permanently fixes the bug.

So you can do anyone who has used it or in a large style (in groups) of it, just without hesitation just completely out of the season.

The leaderboards are already a good overview and by and large it is not very many accounts, as long as Blizzard is not waiting for too long with a fix and spread the exploit. The experience that can be obtained in GR150 in 1 minute or less exceeds everything that every high-end grinder has ever dreamed.

If you look at other exploits in the past, the comparatively mega were harmless — and also resulted in a spell (for example, the Blood Shard Exploit Circa. In Season 3).

Here can not be stupid and claim but I did not know that.

Some also try to bypass a potential ban simply on GR149 exploits, where they do not receive new placement — but who runs around 4000+ Paragon after a week and daily more 500 daily, can only be on the exploit. Thus, all of them can be easily found.

MEMO: What consequences would a Season reset for the players? Would be a reset that affects only the ranking, better? Audio: I also heard of some people who talked about a Season Reset. I think that does not make sense at all. The number of exploits seems to be very low, and I would pitch all by hand to Blizzard's place. A complete reset would rather lead to most people after a week lost progress just no longer return. Just reset the ranking gives a little sense when the exploits are banned — the disappears then anyway. That after a fix the placements permanently stay on the list, I doubt strong. Mango: Thank you for your expert opinion on the topic.