FIFA 22 - How to get Winter Wildcard

Like many other celebrated games, FIFA 22 also received an event on holidays to celebrate the end of the year and spread the Christmas mood with its millions of players around the world. Apart from that, the players can get the winter wildcard token as part of the events, with which they can then unlock a series of rewards, including some pretty great players. So that you can now unlock all the rewards available as part of the winter wildcard event of the game, learn how to get winter wildcard tokens in FIFA 22.

How to get winter wildcard tokens in FIFA 22

You can get winter wildcard tokens in FIFA 22 by completing and completing daily and weekly challenges as well as many destinations in the game. You can see in their descriptions which challenge you rewarded with the winter wildcard tokens. Furthermore, you can see below how many tokens you need to exchange for any available reward:

2 brands: Rare player package 3 brands: A 10x 81-89 player package 5 Brands: Ultimate Pack / Icon Home and Away Tricks 8 Brands: Christian Günter — 87-GES 12 Token: Patron Data — 85-GES 15 brands: A 10x 85+ player package


You can exchange your winter wildcard token by January 14, 2022, against your respective rewards. Each of the available rewards can only be claimed once and its content can not be treated in the game. We recommend that you give priority to the player's packages in front of the other available rewards as they all offer you a lot of great players. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take the conversion against the packs in this order: 10x 81-89 Player Pack — 10x 85+ Player Pack — Rare Players Pack.

You can play FIFA 22 now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC. You can also read our test for the game here.