LOL PARCH 11.24: Changes to Few Champions, but many objects and runes

Although the preseason has already seen its greatest changes a few weeks ago, like those new dragons, objects and runes, the reality is that League of Legends continues to adjust all this news. We obviously refer to the retouching produced by the new balance patches that occur every two weeks.

The version 11.24 is already about to be confirmed, and in fact, the designer of the crack team of the Riot Phlox invoked just announced the master lines of it. We still do not have all the numbers on the table, something that will occur in the next dates, but we see what is being retouched with that new update.

Patch summary

Changes to champions:

NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.24 - League of Legends UFOs: Vern Nerfs: Camille Adjust: LED

Changes to systems:

UFOs: Archangel, Hex tech Dragons and Techno chemical UFOs, Conqueror. Nerfs: predator, tech edging dragon, crown of the Queered Queen, Cosmic Impel, Lift of stillness, ice cream fire gauntlet, glacial improvement. Adjustment: Axiomatic arc, Lethal Tempo.

As you can appreciate, it is not a patch that changes many champions, since only 3 would be affected. And besides this, two cases are Vern, who was unpacked in the jungle for the changes to the experience, and Camille that has been out of control for a long time. It will be necessary to see what they do with Led, because he is one of those champions that are not used too much.

And the rest of the changes are aimed at ending one of the souls of the dragons that make you win games to multiply, as well as retouching some objects and runes. We will soon know where the shots go, since the statistical data should not be made to beg too many days.