Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in the live ticker

The Manchester United Football Club is a football club in the city of Manchester (England) United Kingdom that competes in the Premier League as well as challenges its games as a facility at the Old Trafford Arena. Was started on March 5, 1878, as Newton Health Lyre Football Club and joined the First Division in 1892. After being close to bankruptcy in 1902, JR Davies took the club's reins as well as changed his Name for the existing one. Throughout the 2nd World Battle, his stadium was bombed and for some time they were playing in Maine Road. The team appreciated an unprecedented success after name Matt Headdress as trainer of the group and also win the league in 1956 and 1957. Although in 1958 the air catastrophe of Munich happened, in which eight team gamers lost their lives, the set proceeded as well as won the league again in 1965 and also 1967, as well as the European Mug — current champ league- in 1968. In between 1990 and 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson routed the group to obtaining 8 value champions and also in 1999 it became the first English team to win the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Mug in the same period — triplet D The club-. At the nationwide degree Manchester United has actually obtained a document of 20 league titles, 12 FA Mugs and also 21 Supernovas of England. To the foregoing, 3 cups of Europe, a supernova of Europe, a collect of Europe, a UEFA cup, an intercontinental beverage as well as a Globe Mug of FIFA clubs, which makes it among the English clubs A lot more successful. It is likewise taken into consideration as one of the most prominent sports clubs in the world; In 2012 it had a base of 659 million fans all over the world, mostly Asian, from the Center East and also Africa, Europe and America. Because 1994 It remains like the club with the greatest help in its league suits, with approximately greater than 14 thousand followers per video game. In financial terms, it is just one of the showing off groups with much better market price in the world, being the First to exceed USD 3000 million in 2013.

In the Premier League, it comes to the conclusion of the 14th match day to the duel between Manchester United and the FC Arsenal. Here you can follow the top game in the live ticker.

Manchester United vs. FC Arsenal — 3: 2



0: 1 Smith Rowe (13th), 1: 1 Bruno Fernandes (44.), 2: 1 Ronaldo (52.), 2: 2 Regard (54.), 3: 2 Ronaldo (70 / Fe)

Installation Manchester United


De GEA — Lot, Lancelot, Maguire, Tells — McTominay, Fred, Fernandes — Sancho, Rashford, Ronald

Position FC Arsenal


Rams dale — Tomas, White, Gabriel, Tavares — Party, Enemy, Smith Rowe, Regard — Farinelli, Aubameyang

Yellow cards


McTominay (45. + 1.)

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Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in Linebacker — 3: 2

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in the Live ticker — Torch ester United

70.: TOOOOOOOOOOOR! Manchester United — FC Arsenal 3: 2. Ronaldo takes on the matter, takes four steps start-up and room the ball with compilation into the Termite. Rams dale decides for the right torque.

69.: But then Atkinson interrupts the game because he has radio contact with the Var again. The impartial goes out of the field of life and has to look at the situation only once. Then he still shows the point.

68.: Sancho has the ball on the left flight and places it across the run of Fred in the penalty area. The Brazilian is laid by Regard, but Atkinson has not seen a foul. The protests of the players benefit nothing for the time being.

66.: Aubameyang fires his first goal shot, so far not much to see from the former BVB Sniper. The Ga boner tries it from seven meters half-right position, but fails to Rams dale, who has his hands at lightning fast.

64.: The game has got a tactical touch. The events play mainly in the midfield, the intensity in the two-fight increases.

61.: There is no livelihood on the side lines. Nevertheless, both coaches are already pondering, which replacement player could give the game.

59.: Arsenal takes control in the current phase. The Gunners want more, but United is neat against the ball.

56.: The game is much more open in the second round. Both teams play more directly in the top and go bigger risk. This comes to the entertainment value.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in the Live ticker — Tor Arsenal

54.: TOOOOOOOR! Manchester United — FC Arsenal 2: 2. What's going on here? Only two minutes after the leadership of the Red Devils counter the Gunners. PARTY plays a ball from the headquarters on the right wing, where Farinelli immediately exists of the penalty point. There Regard stands exactly right and pushes him in the long corner with the right heart.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in the Live ticker — Torch ester United

52.: TOOOOOOOR! Manchester United — FC Arsenal 2: 1. Rashford is free on the right wing and puts in the penalty area. The English national player raises his head and plays the ball in precisely across Ronaldo on the differ. The Portuguese has no problems to achieve the 800th goal of its professional career from a short distance.

50.: Rashford tries it from 25 meters central position. Rams dale is right again and has the ball in the Termite.

48.: On the other side, Ronaldo comes to the conclusion after leaving the right baseline party with a hook and then pulled out of a pointed angle. Rams dale is perfect in the near post and parried.

. 47 Again, it takes a minute to the first corner of the Gunners — and again it is equally dangerous. Gabriel returns the ball with his shoulder from seven meters toward the gate where de GEA responsive acts on the line and holding the ball.

46.: Get out!

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League Live Scores NOW in — kick off the second half

halftime Conclusion: Arsenal took over in the early stages quickly back in command, urging nervous Red Devils in their own half. A somewhat confused by Smith Rowe, the VAR was after four minutes of checking, then took the deserved lead (13). United was then a little better, but earned no big chances to Fernandes in the 44th minute came on free fiver at the end and scored the equalizer.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League NOW LIVE Scores — half-time

45 + 4:. Then half.

45 + 2. Four minutes of added time in the first round.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League NOW LIVE Scores — yellow card McTominay

    • 1.: McTominay with a fierce tackling against Party 25 meters in front of your own box. Atkinson immediately engages in the chest pocket and shows yellow.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in the Live ticker — Torch ester United

44.: TOOOOOOOR! Manchester United — FC Arsenal 1: 1. The compensation! Sancho gets the ball on the left wing, dribbles to the criminal space edge and lays across Fred, which is immediately on Fernandes on the differ. The Portuguese can not be asked for long and sunk flat down to the right. His fifth goal this season.

42.: Good free-kick position for Arsenal from about 23 meters central position. PARTY tries to sweat the ball over the wall, but meets the same. No gate.

40.: It has become quiet in the Old Trafford, really inspire the home roads your fans so far can not. Above all, the offensive game is amongted.

37.: Arsenal will be a bit too passive what United is clearly boosted. It is important to take over from the point of view of the Gunners.

35.: Fernandes is strongly in the left penalty area on Tells looking at the height of the Funders Ronaldo on the long post. However, the Portuguese will be delivered by three defenders and therefore has no chance on the ball. Chance.

32.: TAVARES gets the elbow of Lot unintentionally in the face and stays on the ground. Atkinson interrupts the game. Something malicious or even deliberately was not available. Therefore, after a short treatment break continues for the left-back.

30.: Next conclusion of the households, but little mandatory. Maguire tries it from 25 meters with a violence and misses the left angle by a good two meters.

28.: First corner ball for man united. Tells brings them half-high to the first post, from where the ball of Sancho's head in the tall bow flies on the crossbar. Rams dale was still with his hand for safety. Again corner.

26.: The Gunners now pull back a few meters further, let the Red Devils combine in harmless rooms. Space gain, but the households are hardly enough.

24.: The possession of the balls are balanced, but United does not create the ball in excess of the last third. Arsenal makes the rooms closely and takes away Fernandes mostly from the game.

21.: The guidance for the guests is fine. Arsenal is the more active, safer team. Man united must raise a clear tooth.

18.: Ronaldo goes to dribbling on the left wing and then pulls off from 15 meters in the left penalty area. Again, the Portuguese does not hit the ball right, Rams dale has no problems.

16.: There is a lot of confusion, but the decision of the Var to intervene was quite reasonable. On the side of the entrance wheels you can of course fundamentally different.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League now in the Live ticker — Tor Arsenal

13.: TOOOOOOOOOR! Manchester United — FC Arsenal 0: 1. Maguire clarifies a corner of REGARD ​​from the danger zone. In the differ at the same time Fred and De GEA to each other, the keeper goes to the ground. Meanwhile, the ball ends with Smith Rowe, which removes from 18 meters with links and welded the ball dry to the left corner. The hit counts.

13.: A little later, the Var, the Atkinson indicates that no foul game of an arsenal player.

Manchester United Vs Arsenal Live Match 2021 EN VIVO

13.: After the fourth corner ball is the ball in the gate, but Atkinson does not give the hit. With Fred, the own man with DE GEA was previously shocked before Smith Rowe shot the ball from 18 meters of hablinker position on the bottom left into the gate.

13.: Tomas brings the ball from the right half field into the middle. There Maguire wants to clarify, but his head jumps on the latte. That was quite dangerous. Corner Arsenal.

11.: United will gradually come in. Ron also tries it from 20 meters central position, but the ball does not hit correctly. Pass up well below.

8.: First conclusion of the Red Devils, who for the first time very playfully rid out of the clutch and attach them to the counterattack. Lot ultimately pulls off from 20 meters half-right position. However, the flat shot is not a problem for Rams dale in the gate of the guests.

6.: The first few minutes belong to the guests to push back the United combination. The houses are still sorting.

4.: Arsenal begins brave. The Gunners are running United, which is still a bit nervous, and thus ensure some inaccuracies in the Steering Play of the Red Devils.

2.: After 50 seconds, there is the first corner for the Gunners. Regard brings the ball with a cut into the Fischer, where Rashford does not hit the ball correctly and promotes it almost to his own gate. The ball flies only centimeters over their own latte.

1.: The ball rolls!

Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Premier League NOW LIVE Scores — kick-off

Before the start: Chief umpire Martin Atkinson. The 50-year-old is one of the most experienced referees on the island and made his league debut already in 2004. Since 2006 he has been a FIFA referee. Overall, it comes to 445 appearances in the Premier League and 30 in the Champions League.

Before the start: Let's take a look at the direct comparison of the two clubs in the Premier League: 184 times the teams met already in England's highest league each other 75 times the winner was at the end of Manchester United. The Gunners were at least 63 times as a winner from the field, 46 more duels ended in draws. Last season, there was a 1: 0 away win of Arsenal FC in Manchester and a 0: 0 in the second leg at the Emirates.

Before the start: When Arsenal season is almost reversed. Launched were the Gunners with three defeats and 0: 9 gates. Since then, there was only one defeat from ten matches (7 wins, 3 draws). Against the supposedly Great Arsenal did this season but difficult against Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool put it significant defeats. But Manumitted is currently not really a big one — right?

Before the start: The table Tenth receives the fifth-placed. Who would have thought that this duel is on 14 Premier League Match Manchester United against Arsenal — and not vice versa. On 5. Game day nor the Red Devils saluted top of the table since there were eight games, only one victory. Solskjaer the weakness cost the job, Rang nick will take over soon. Until the former Leipzig-Boss but gets his work permit, Garrick acts as a placeholder.

Before the start: The Gunners replace two times compared to the 2: 0 win over Newcastle: Aka and Wodonga stay out, Farinelli and Enemy are new here.

Rams dale — Tomas, White, Gabriel Tavares — Party, Enemy, Smith Rowe, Regard — Farinelli, Aubameyang

Before the start: On three positions changed interim coach Michael Garrick his starting compared to 1: 1 at Chelsea last Sunday. In the back four Lot and Maguire for Wan-Bissaka and Billy are doing. Moreover, Ronaldo moves back into the starting lineup, Magic has to make way for him.

De GEA — Lot, Lancelot, Maguire, Tells — McTominay, Fred, Fernandes — Sancho, Rashford, Ronaldo

Before the start: After the evil 0: 4 swatter against Liverpool Arsenal could a sovereign 2 on the final day against Newcastle United: enter 0 victory and certainly refuel some self-confidence. An open exchange of blows so expect today.

Before the start: The Red Devils have tonight probably do without for the last time on their future coach Ralf Rang nick. This gets his work permit in all probability only before the weekend game against Crystal Palace. Until then, continue Michael Garrick leads the fortunes on the side line. Against the league leaders Chelsea FC Manchester United could last at least kidnap a point in this constellation.

Before the start: The classic of English football tonight will be held in Manchester at 21.15 at Old Trafford.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

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